StaticX has to do some weird things in order to work. Thus, you might run into trouble.

Run-time problems

If, after bundling an application using StaticX, the resulting executable is crashing due to symbol issues or segfaults:

Debug build

The first step is to use the --debug flag when bundling:

$ staticx --debug myprog

This option will:

  • Set loglevel to DEBUG while building the program

  • Use a debug variant of the bootloader which:

    • Adds debug output (to stderr)

    • Includes DWARF debug info


Please include all debugging information if you open an issue.


If your program segfaults, you can run it under GDB.

Before giving the r command to run your program, use set follow-fork-mode child so GDB follows the child process.

To get a backtrace:

$ gdb --args ./
set follow-fork-mode child
bt -full