StaticX currently works only with Linux 64-bit dynamic executables.

The following external tools must be installed to use StaticX, all of which are readily available in the package manager of most Linux distributions:

  • ldd – Part of GNU C Library

  • readelf – Part of binutils

  • objcopy – Part of binutils

  • patchelf

    • Distro packages available for Debian 8+, Fedora 14+, others (preferred)

    • Or install with pip install patchelf-wrapper

The following additional tools must be installed to build StaticX from source:

StaticX is compatible with Python 3.5+.

Install via pip

StaticX is hosted at PyPI, and the wheels include a bootloader built with musl libc.

Installation via pip is the preferred method:

pip3 install staticx

Install from source

If you have musl libc installed, you can use it to build the staticx bootloader, resulting in smaller, better binaries. To do so, set the BOOTLOADER_CC environment variable to your musl-gcc wrapper path when invoking pip or

BOOTLOADER_CC=/usr/local/musl/bin/musl-gcc pip3 install


cd staticx
BOOTLOADER_CC=/usr/local/musl/bin/musl-gcc pip3 install .